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package org.felarca
          public class Lee extends FlashDeveloper implements IDesignable
                    public static var status:Employment = "freelance";
                    public static var previousAgencies:History = ["createthe",
                               "evb", "teamdetroit", "wunderman/y&r"]
                    public static var home:Locale = "Manhattan";
                    public static var alumnus:School = "UC Berkeley";

                    private static var oddListOfInterests:Array = [
                               "alain robbe-grillet", "alberto giacometti", "amon tobin",
                               "avital ronell", "the bad plus", "bones brigade, "cop shoot
                               cop", "david cronenberg", "farbrausch", "hiromi uehara",
                               "iaian banks", "john carmack", "grandmaster melle mel
                               and the furious five", "lewis hamilton", "mamoru oshii",
                               "park chan wook", "rock steady crew", "ryan mcginness",
                               "seijun suzuki", "thomas bernhard", "tony takitani",
                               "trent reznor", "virginia woolf", "william gibson"

                    // Thanks to Al Manalo for his help with design,
                    // and Alexander Hinkle for the lava texture.

                     // No MovieClips, timelines, or keyframes were created, deleted,
                     // or otherwise disturbed in the creation of this site.